P-Tek "S" Series PPE Nano-Grade Face Mask: 3 Pack

The unique design of the P-Tek S Mask provides the user with the best protection and comfort available in a mask. The soft rubber-like seal around the perimeter conforms to your face and creates a barrier that all but eliminates air leakage, providing the ultimate in safety! 


The effects of airborne irritants on humans can range from minor irritation to respiratory illness or even death. It is imperative that your workforce is equipped with the proper PPE masks for your challenging working environment.


  • Lightweight design that provides a comfortable fit
  • Engineered to provide a secure seal and maximum protection
  • The large filter area is open and unrestricted providing maximum airflow
  • Comes in a package of three masks
  • Designed with fewer parts allowing for easy cleaning and sterilization
  • Durable design for challenging environments 
  • Fits most face sizes and shapes


Typical applications for the P-Tek Nano-grade face mask

Dust, assembly lines, chemicals, vapors, fumes, emergency care, sawing, grinding, painting, and many other challenging conditions.

P-Tek "S" Series Nano-Grade Face Mask: 3 Pack, 97% Efficiency

  • We offer volume discounts for quanties of 12, 48, 144, and 720. Contact for pricing on volumes higher than 720.


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